Jerky can be made with a variety of meats. In the cold countries meat is cut into strips and is stored by smoking, sun drying and dehydrating so that it can be used for days when one cannot step out to their local markets in the freezing climatic conditions. 

Here at Jerky Stash we use halal cut meats of chicken, lamb and also salmon fish that are made use for manufacturing smoked jerky. 

Our constant efforts will be to research, innovate, and design many more meats into jerky based on demand. 

Chicken jerky 

200 grams

Rs. 300

Lamb jerky 

150 grams

Rs. 400

Salmon jerky 

100 grams

Rs. 400

250 grams

Rs. 450

Assorted jerky


Our proportions and pricing go hand in hand; we encourage weekly purchase of jerky so that you are able to get value for our money as we would love to give our customers freshly made jerky that will ensure better quality and nutrition. 


You may order up to 5 pieces at a time, but ensure all is consumed within two weeks from the manufacturing date. 




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