We are two brothers connected to Jerky Stash; 
Mr. Ashwin Pradeep Heblekar Proprietor of “Jerky Stash” comes with a robust experience of twelve years in the corporate. Ashwin has ventured with a lot of industries that associates him to bring in the best quality every time; he worked with customer relations, quality, compliance, operational excellence, strategic planning and service delivery. With the experience and technical certifications in SAP – supply Chain management, financial Implementations and certifications in quality management like green belt in Six Sigma and Operational excellence. Ashwin role here is to assist the complete execution of the start up, like every start up our company too required experienced external consultant to ensure smooth functions. Ashwin assists the Proprietor with all initiations of product planning, set – up execution, registrations, marketing strategies and supply chain. 

Mr. Saish Pradeep Heblekar, the Idea generator,. Youthful and energetic, this generation next as we call them is really the ones who come up with the best of ideas and bring in the change. His love for animals and overwhelming commitment to get the best for our pet’s always turned eyes, but when that commitment towards quality and product design came to life we understood that he was never wasting his time but was contributing in his own ways to his love for pets and animals. We basically had to just do the rest of the tasks around the product and there it was ….a marvel on its own that needed no introduction.  


We are passionate about our Idea behind making treats. We started about a year back when we got our two German Sheppard puppies. We cherished every moment raising them, our puppies in no time grew up to be two big cuddly pillows. They love spending time with us and we fed them treats every now and then. But soon we started to realize that treats that come from quality well known brands came in less quantity but at an exorbitant price. We tried treats from a less price value but the quality was not all that great. 
With constant thinking of what we could do about the situation, we came up with an Idea of making frsh jerky at home. We did our fair share of research of how jerky was made we started experimenting. After a few batches, a few funny accidents we were able to create the first batch, the very first of the solution to our tensions about pet treats. 

The next few months we perfected the art and fed our fresh batches to our pets and the neighbor’s pets and very soon we landed up with an Idea to go into mass production. 


Producing in bulk comes with its own challenges and threats to the jerky. Producing small batches in a microwave is one thing and bulk manufacturing is another. We put on our thinking caps yet again and started our research. Most of the conventional methods of making jerky were prone to adding preservatives and artificial chemical coloring. But we did not put an end to our research. We went a step ahead to understand why the preservatives were needed. 

With a lot of brain storming we were able to connect the dots and create a device that would make jerky in bulk and with natural ingredients. There we go we started putting all bits and pieces together and The Jerky Stash came to life. 





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